True Turn-Key Real Estate Investing

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"All investments have risk, our job is to reduce that risk by providing thorough "Due Diligence" and expert guidance for our investor-clients and lifetime oversight for as long as they own their investment" 
- The Right Investment, at the Right Time, at the Right Price -



  • We are an established reputable full service real estate investment brokerage firm with more than 30 years of experience specializing in undervalued properties.
  • We are licensed brokerage in California with the Department of Real Estate # 00999467 and certified by HUD.
  • We specialize in providing profitable long and short term real estate for passive investors.
  • We are expert at finding undervalued properties nationwide which can be rehabbed and either flipped or held as rentals.

What Makes us Different...

  • We are fee based and work exclusively for you.
  • We simply do more for our clients and deliver a better more affordable product.
  • We are the only turnkey facilitator to provide continuous oversight and assistance for as long as you own your investment.
  • We regularly deliver Cap Rates of 15% and greater to our clients.
  • We qualify and select only the best houses offered through various private and public sale venues.
  • Our "Due Diligence" is disciplined ad meets the highest standard of excellence.
  • We facilitate the entire transaction process from start to finish.
  • We represent your interests exclusively so there is never any conflicts of interest.
  • We do not receive any fee or other compensation from any 3rd party to your transaction.
  • We recommend cash purchases to maximize your returns (Cap Rates) while minimizing your risk.
  • All purchases are secured by your clear title and insured at the full value for loss.

...You Invest - We Do The Rest

Examples Taken From Our Long History

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