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Richard C Maier

1963 -1975

     As an entrepreneur and businessman Richards first successful venture was in retail clothing stores in Hawaii where he purchased 2 stores in 1963 and went on to build the family business into a successful chain of 12 specialty shops, a  wholesale clothing manufacturing company and a management company. He has conducted lectures and taught courses on business organization emphasizing the importance of communication, having a good business plan and implementing effective programs to improve conditions. In 1974, he sold the retail operations and moved to California.

1976 - 1986
     After researching the horse industry, Richard entered into the Arabian horse business in 1978. Starting with one champion stallion and two breeding mares, within 5 years he had grown the herd into 133 breeding and champion show horses as well as syndicating his prize champion stallion for 3.2 million dollars which he had purchased for $350,000 previously. The purebred herd was valued at 8 million dollars. In 1984 he declined an offer from the government of Granada to sell his entire stock and move them out of the country. In 1986 with the enactment of the Tax Reform Act of 1985, it became apparent that the horse industry could no longer be viable as a business so he turned his interest to real estate investments.

1986 - PRESENT

     Richard obtained his license as a general real estate agent.  Because of his background in business, he specialized in larger business sales including the sale of privately held companies by retiring owners to their employees, by way of Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPS) as well as the larger commercial sales of hotels, motels and subdivisions.  
     Having taken a special interest in the little known field of tax deeds, he has developed a workable methodology of buying and selling strategy of selling tax deeds and other distressed real estate with a number of successful partnerships transacting hundreds of deals.  In 1991 he obtained his brokers license and formed his own real estate brokerage companies, Maier Holdings Inc. and The Maier Group Inc. Both have since been retired.  After enjoying a brief retirement, Richard recognized the profit rich opportunities in buying, refurbishing and selling undervalued real properties resulting from the crash of the real estate "bubble" of 2007.  
     Richard formed Maier Realty & Trust in 2010 to actively participate in "flipping" single family houses, the field he has had so much success in.  
     Richard attributes his good fortune to a high standard of ethics, integrity, hard work and the discipline of conducting thorough due diligence. Having a good business plan is essential to starting any business.  The basics of any business are the same no matter what the product or service.  It's how you deliver those services, your employees and treat you customers that determine your success.  Testament to Richard's commitment to running business which adheres to the highest ethical standards and customer satisfaction is the fact that each of his companies have enjoyed an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

     Barron's: "Arabian Horse Investments"; 
     Book: "Buying and Selling Tax Defaulted, Foreclosed and Government Auctioned Real Estate";
Real Estate Articles: "How to Avoid Making Fatal Mistakes in Real Estate Investing"
                                                    "Passive Income - A necessity to any Financial Portfolio"
                                                    "Beware of Unscrupulous Property Managers". 
PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS:  Recognized Business Leader
     1998 - Sun Newspaper "Top Business Leaders in San Bernardino County, California"
     2000 - National Register's "Who's Who in American Executives & Professionals"
     2001 - Lexington's "Who's Who in Executives & Professionals"
     2002 - Windsor's Registry "Who's Who in Business Leaders & Professionals"
     Short-Term (Flips) and Long-Term (Buy and Hold)) investments in performing assets, General Real Estate, REOs, Tax Deeds, Tax Lien Certificates and other distressed real properties,  Investments in long term and short-term income producing assets, Senior Citizen Advocate for homeless seniors. 

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