True Turn-Key Real Estate Investing

Real profit is determined when you purchase and realized when you sell

For more than 35 years, I have specialized in the purchasing and selling "flipping" of good undervalued real properties.  During that period, I have developed a proven methodology for eliminating  the risks and delivering profitable results for my clients.   These investments are typically turned over in under 12 months.  My services include:

Long- Term & Short-Term Real Estate Investing
Property Management
Tax Deed and Tax Lien Certificate Investing
​Complete real estate services

Providing better service and better returns in a shorter period of time 

You only pay a fee for our services because it's your money, so you should be the one who controls it and enjoys 100% of the net profits.  There are no conflicts of interest and all invesments are fully secured by deed and insured for their full market apprasied value at time of purchase.

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"All investments have risk, our job is to reduce that risk by providing thorough "Due Diligence" and expert guidance for our investor-clients and lifetime oversight for as long as they own their investment"  - The Right Investment, at the Right Time, at the Right Price -

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Our Partial Track Record

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